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location (ESN 56337 )

The location of any entity is its position with respect to defined features of the earth's surface. A location can be defined in three ways, listed in order of increasing precision: a) When the precise location cannot be defined, it may be identified using a descriptive explanation of its position (e.g. "the northeast corner of Broadway and West 42nd Street"). b) A location can be defined in a locally standardized manner, using official referents such as street addresses with house numbers. c) Whenever possible, a location is defined precisely by using coordinates (latitude, longitude, and altitude). At the minimum, this can be set as a pinpoint in the center or weighted center of the entity's footprint. Optimally, it should be defined by plotting the geocoordinates of the entity's boundaries.

The precise position of an entity in geocoordinates or with respect to other defined objects.