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Kosciół Mariacki

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Kosciół Mariacki
Church of Saint Mary, Saint Mary's Church, Church of Our Lady


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  • Legend has it that the architect of the smaller tower murdered his brother (who designed the taller tower), apparently jealous that his structure was shorter and less elaborate, however he commited suicide by throwing himself off the roof of the basilica.
  • In the presbytery is the famous high altar by the late medieval German sculptor Veit Stoss. Stoss worked on this masterpiece for 12 years. It dramatically illustrates scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary with larger-than-life-sized figures.
  • Built on the site of an earlier Romanesque church, St. Mary's was constructed from the end of 13th century to the beginning of 15th century.
  • St. Mart's Bugle-call is played every hour from the higher tower.
  • The taller tower is the home to the bugle player which takes its origins from an event in 1241, when a lone fireman played his bugle to alert the city of the arrival of invading Tartar forces.
  • It is an outstanding example of Gothic architecture in Poland. It has a three-aisle nave and transept in basilical form. The facade features two towers 81 and 69 meters high.

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Rynek Glówny (Town Square)

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265,75 ft
265,75 ft
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