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Fifth Avenue Place

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Fifth Avenue Place


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  • Fifth Avenue Place was designed by the Stubbins Associates of Cambridge Massachusetts. Final design of the office/retail structure was done in conjunction with the locally based architectural firm Williams Trebilcock Whitehead.
  • One significant feature of the building is its roof. This pyramidal roof is 124-feet tall and consists of four individual prisms clad in granite. This rooftop also serves as an enclosed mechanical penthouse for the building's cooling towers and the elevator machine room.
  • Towering from Fifth Avenue Place is a 178-foot tall mast. It isn't a round mast though. This steel structure is actually 12-sided and measures four feet in diameter.
  • The mast's hollow interior contains a ladder which gives access to the aircraft warning light on top. This mast is designed to withstand sways of up to 3 feet in any given direction in extremely high winds.
  • The building is made up of 225,000 square feet of granite, 62,739 square feet of insulated glass windows and over 1,000 gallons of silicon sealant.
  • The tower consists of 29 floors of office space (689,839 sq. ft.) rising above two levels of retail shops (46,100 sq. ft.) and a three-level underground garage for up to 250 vehicles.
  • At night, the building is beautifully illuminated with more than 44,000 watts of light generated by 64 strategically positioned flood lamps.
  • The Empire Building and the Jenkins Arcade formerly stood on this site. Both were demolished in 1984 to make way for this building.
  • In 2005 the logo at the top of the building said HIGHMARK.

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501-527 Liberty Avenue, 526-598 Stanwix Street, 2-26 Fifth Avenue, 500-522 Penn Avenue
120 Fifth Avenue Place

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