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Saitama New Metropolitan Tower


Saitama New Metropolitan Tower


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  • This television tower was designed to accomodate the needs of digital television broadcasting. Due to the large number of highrises in the 200-300 meter range in the area, the existing Tokyo Tower is not high enough to ensure clear signal transmission. Saitama City is near the geographical center of the Tokyo metropolitan area.
  • Approval for this project was done by citizen approval in 2004. 1,000,000 signatures were needed; 1,750,000 people signed.
  • Following the announcement of project approval at a public ceremony on September 22, 2004, spotlights were shined into the sky to mark the location of the proposed building.
  • The original concept for the tower was replaced by three proposals: one by the Obelisk Group, one by SDBT Research Society, and one by Nikken Sekkei, Kajima Design, and Mitsui Realty.
  • This tower eventually lost the competition with Sumida Tower (Tokyo Sky Tree) as the New Tokyo Tower, and thus will not be built.

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Saitama New Urban Center
Saitama City

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1.640,02 ft
1.640,02 ft
1.640,02 ft
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