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Guangdong Olympic Stadium

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Guangdong Olympic Stadium


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  • The games, China's first major sporting event in the new century,added joy and excitement to the country, which in recent months has witnessed such events as Beijing's successful Olympic bid for hosting the 2008 Games and the long-awaited qualification by China's national soccer team for the 2002 World Cup finals.
  • Chinese President Jiang Zemin declared open the 15-day Ninth National Games in the brand-new Guangdong Olympic Stadium on the evening of Novermber 11. Some 14,000 athletes, coaches and officials of 45 delegations are competing in the two-week sporting event.
  • The stadium will host the 9th National Games of the People's Republic of China in 2001.
  • The stadium bowl's design includes a sculpted upper edge, like the petals of a flower. Floating above the seats is a ribbon of roof, which parts at the ends and holds the Olympic flame.
  • Ellerbe Becket leads the design team for the 80,000-seat Olympic stadium for Guangzhou -- the "Flower City."

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