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K.K. Leung Building


K.K. Leung Building
University of Hong Kong


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  • The building has a net floor area of about 15,000 s.m. and contains a number of academic depart-ments such as the Department of Law, the Social Sciences Departments and the University Language Centre.
  • The K.K. Leung Building forms part of the Redevelopment of the Main Estate of the University of Hong Kong.
  • To make the best use of a difficult site, the building is designed as a 20-storey tower block with a central core housing the lifts and staircases giving maximum perimeter area for lecturers' offices on most departmental floors.
  • Heavy student traffic generators such as centrally time-tabled lecture rooms are located near the entrance levels and the building is linked to the Knowles Building ground floor and the Library level by a footbridge.
  • The pedestrian access route is planned as a lift tower serving between Bonham Road entrance and the footbridge.

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Pokfulam Road
Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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