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  • This building is the seat of the Danish Parliament.
  • The castle was razed to the ground in 1370 after King Valdemar Atterdag lost a war against the Hansa cities.
  • In 1794 the palace and church burned down, but the riding ground and the theatre were saved and are visible today.
  • In 1884 the palace burned down again and only the church, theatre and riding ground survived.
  • The ruins from the old castle of 1370 can still be seen today below the current castle.
  • Construction of the third and current palace started in 1907 after many years of political and artistic disputes about the rebuild.
  • The famous Blåtårn (Blue Tower) was a part of Copenhagen Palace and was where the daughter of King Christian IV was incarcerated for twenty-two years.
  • In 1848 King Frederik VII gave up his power and Denmark got its first constitution and hereby created the Danish parliament, which took seat in the palace.
  • The castle was built as protection against the Wendish Vikings who came from northern Germany.
  • Copenhagen Palace was built on the site of Absalon's castle.
  • Copenhagen Palace was demolished in 1736 to make space for the first Christiansborg, a luxurious four-winged Rococo palace with church, riding ground and theatre.
  • Construction of the new Christiansborg commenced in 1806 and finished in 1828.
  • Copenhagen Palace was occupied by Danish Kings; hence Copenhagen became Denmark's capital city.
  • The first castle was built here by Absalon around the year 1160.
  • After 34 years of being sited at the engineering barracks in Fredericiagade, the Members of Parliament again moved to Christiansborg Palace.

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Prins Jørgens Gård 1
Prins Jørgens Gård 1
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