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Church Of The Holy Apostles

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Church Of The Holy Apostles
Holy Apostles Church

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  • The Byzantine-style San Marco Church in Venice is a copy of the Holy Apostles Church in Constantinople (Istanbul)
  • The church became the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate Of Constantinople after the Ottoman conquest in 1453, but was then demolished in 1456, and in its place the Fatih Mosque (1470) was built.
  • It was the second-largest and most important church in Constantinople after the world-famous Haghia Sophia.
  • The Church of the Holy Apostles was first built in the 4th Century AD, in a cruciform shape and attached to the round mausoleum of Constantine The Great on the highest hill of the newly founded city. In the time of Justinian The Great, the church was rebuilt completely on a larger scale, leaving Constantine's mausoleum intact and adding a second cruciform mausoleum. Most emperors and their wives were buried there until the 11th Century. The church of the Holy Apostles had at least the same overall size as the Haghia Sophia; was erected on the groundplan of a Greek Cross, had one dome with windows over the center and four domes without on the Cross arms. However, the details of construction are much disputed, since no part of the building survives and the later copies in the west like the San Marco in Venice or the Saint-Front in Périgeux seem to imitate the original building quite freely. (Source: Byzantium 1200)

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