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Foreign Trade Complex Building


Foreign Trade Complex Building
Foreign Trade Complex

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  • Located at the Yenibosna district, which forms a junction point for Istanbul's two main motorways (the E5 and TEM), and at a close distance to the Atatürk Airport; this complex will include a group of commercial and social buildings to be constructed in several different stages. The Office Building, whose design was attained through a limited architectural competition held in late 1997, was completed and opened to use in August 2000, and now functions as the first phase of the complex. The building has a total indoor area of 47.000m2; and houses the offices of several Export Unions together with common areas.
  • A double-storey plaza provides access to the square planned buildings allocated for the use of three different Export Unions. While providing an open air common activity space, this plaza also has direct access to a number of different facilities including an auditorium with a capacity to house an audience of 280 people, various meeting halls, restaurants and cafeterias, an art gallery, library, a bank and several commercial units.
  • The upper floors of the gallery lead to individual office blocks; each arranged around a central atrium whose semi-transparent roofing maximises the access of daylight into working areas. These atriums also enhance the visual connection between different floors of the buildings, thereby creating a continuous, uninterrupted indoor space. The top floor of the central office block, which is the tallest building of the group, includes recreational spaces for the administrative staff and their guests.
  • In a period when the hopes and expectations of Turkey joining the European Union are high, this building has been conceived of as a centre in which all activities of foreign trade will be administered. Hence, the office building has been constructed in the highest quality building technology the country has to offer; according to a design that incorporates functional concerns with a flexibility to accommodate possible future modifications.

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Region Marmara

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