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Lichfield Cathedral


Lichfield Cathedral


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  • Lichfield is the only remaining medieval English cathedral with three spires. The central spire is 78m (252ft) tall, while the two smaller spires are 58m (190ft) tall. Other British cathedrals with three spires include St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral and Truro Cathedral.
  • The present cathedral replaced a Norman building from 1085, which had in turn replaced several earlier churches dating back to the seventh century. The original building was dedicated to St. Chad, who became Bishop of Mercia in 669AD, on Christmas Day 700AD.
  • The cathedral was refurbished in the 1660s by Bishop Hackett, by William Wyatt in the eighteenth century and most recently by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in 1855 to 1878, who restored the building to its medieval splendour.
  • Lichfield Cathedral is built from locally quarried sandstone.
  • The Chapter House is octagonal in plan with vaulting and is one of only twelve which survive from the mediaeval period.
  • The Chapter House is home to the early 8th century Lichfield Gospels manuscript and displays a mediaeval wall painting of the Assumption.
  • The stained glass in the Lady Chapel is Flemish and dates from the 1530s; it was originally installed in the Abbey of Herkenrode and is some of the finest of its type in existence.
  • The West Front features 113 statues, only four of which are originally mediaeval; the remainder date from the late 19th century as the originals had become too eroded.
  • The cathedral was severely damaged during the English Civil War in the 17th century.
  • The peal of ten bells date from 1947 and are housed in the frame which dates from 1688.

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