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Methodist Central Hall

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Methodist Central Hall
Central Hall Westminster


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  • In 1940, during World War II, General de Gaulle announced the foundation of the Free French movement to the world in Central Hall. Towards the end of the war, Winston Churchill addressed the Conservative Party Conference here with the words; "Victory is certain, victory is near".
  • The design of the Hall was chosen from an anonymous architectural competition which attracted 132 competitors.
  • Methodist Central Hall opened in 1912 and has been the location for a number of historic events. In 1914, The Suffragettes, campaigning for the right for women to vote in Britain, met here. In 1931, the Temperance movement were addressed here by Mahatma Gandhi.
  • The Hall escaped bomb-damage during the Second World War and its basement became Britain's largest air raid shelter.
  • The inaugural General Assembly of the United Nations took place here in 1946. 51 member countries sent delegations and Prime Minister Clement Attlee welcomed the UN to "this ancient home of liberty and order".
  • The Hall was built to commemorate the passing of one hundred years since the death of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.
  • The building's design is expressed in Viennese Baroque with Romanesque decoration.
  • The exterior design of the building deliberately omits to display a crucifix nor any obviously religious motifs.
  • On Sunday 20th March 1966, the 'Jules Rimet' solid gold Football World Cup was stolen from an exhibition in Methodist Central Hall.
  • Conditions of the competition stipulated that the Hall neither be Gothic nor resemble a church, the reason being that non-Christians would not feel intimidated.

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