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Eiheiji Temple


Eiheiji Temple


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  • Eiheiji stands in the wooded hills, about 15 kilometers outside of Fukui City. It consists of over 70 buildings and structures, connected with each other by covered walkways.
  • Eiheiji is the head temple of the Soto Sect of Zen Buddhism. It was founded in 1244 by Dogen Zenji, the Buddhist scholar who introduced Soto Zen to Japan in 1228 after studying in China for several years.
  • A one night stay costs 8000 Yen and includes a bath, dinner and evening meditation on the first day, and an early start (3:30am), meditation session, morning service and breakfast on the second day.
  • Participants of the more demanding multiple night lay practice program follow most of the monks' daily routine for typically three nights and four days at 3000 Yen per night.
  • Eiheiji is still an active monastery with around 150 practicing Zen monks. It is also possible for foreign visitors to stay at the temple for one or more nights and follow the monks' daily routine.

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