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Sint Paulus Kerk

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Sint Paulus Kerk


Struktur allgemein

existent [fertiggestellt]


Kirche (Römisch Katholisch)


  • The church exterior is gothic but its interior is baroque providing an exceptional combination.
  • The latest addition is a treasury inaugurated on February 2, 2001. It exhibited a collection until then not publicly displayed that included the colossal montrans, one meter high and decorated with 200 diamonds, created by the Antwerp gold and silversmith Joannes Petrus Antonius Verschuylen (1801-1865).
  • Celebrated also is the impressive organ, built between 1654 and 1658, which is among the ten most historically important in Europe.
  • Very frequented for the paintings of the Flemish masters Rubens, Jordaens, Van Dijck and many others of that time, all freely displayed.
  • A disastrous fire in 1968 almost destroyed all of the furnishings and the clock tower, but dozens of harbour workers going to their jobs at 5 am helped to save all of the paintings which were saved by hand. The city's mayor lived a few blocks away and lent his help as well.
  • Unique in the world is the sculpture garden adjacent to the church. It comprises 63 statues depicting the last days of Christ.

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