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Caledonian Park Clock Tower

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Caledonian Park Clock Tower
Metropolitan Cattle Market Clock Tower


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  • Caledonian Park Clock Tower was bombed during an air raid in 1940 and the clock was started again in 1953.
  • The tower formed the centrepiece of the Metropolitan Cattle Market, opened in 1855 to handle livestock following their ban from Smithfield near the City of London and was built on the site of the 17th century Copenhagen House.
  • The tower is a north London landmark and can be seen for miles around.
  • The tower houses one of the largest turret clocks in London.
  • The tower is of rusticated stonework with eight buttressed arches topped with spherical finials at the base.
  • The clock faces are illuminated at night.
  • An inscription on the foundation stone reads: The Rt. Hon. Thomas Sydney, Lord Mayor First stone of the Clock Tower laid in the Seventeenth Year Of the Reign of Queen Victoria by Henry Lowman Taylor Esq., Chairman of the Committee Whose Names surround the City Arms, March 24th 1854.
  • The enormous cattle market was opened in 1855 by the Prince Consort and traded until 1939; today the clock tower is all that remains.

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Clock Tower Place
Clock Tower Place

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169,00 ft
169,00 ft

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James B. Bunning
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