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Budolfi Kirke


Budolfi Kirke

Struktur allgemein

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  • The main structure dates to the end of the 14th century; the steeple was built almost 400 years later in 1779.
  • The church was designed in the Gothic style, while the tower and steeple are built in the Baroque style.
  • Four identical clock dials created by whitesmith Frederich Vilhelm Meyer were installed in 1817, one on each side of the tower.
  • Budolfi Kirke is consecrated in the name of the English Saint Botholphus, who lent his name to the city of Botolphstown, later shortened to Boston, which is the namesake of the more famous city with the same name in .
  • The church became a cathedral on the 29th of September 1554.
  • The door on the north side was used as the women's entrance until the end of the 19th century.
  • Four roosters in the corners of each clock symbolize the dawn of Christianity bringing light to the world (since the rooster announces the morning light with his crowing).
  • In the early 1500s the vaults over the armoury were painted in the late gothic style with murals depicting symbols of the four evangelists. The armoury walls are painted with scenes from the bible.
  • In 1689 the altar was donated by Doctor Niels Jespersen and his wife Margareta Erichsdatter. It features coats-of-arms of both families, one depicting a dog nosing a porcupine and the other a dove carrying an olive branch.
  • An elaborate black and white marble baptismal font was added in 1728, with a bowl in the shape of a mussel. Bas-reliefs in the base show Jesus' baptism, Jesus talking with Nicodemus, and Jesus blessing the children.
  • The pulpit, built in 1692, is decorated with 10 panels depicting the Passion of Christ. It is supported by a sculpture of Moses and the Ten Commandments. Its sounding board depicts angels carrying the 7 instruments involved in the torture of Christ, and a statue of Christ stands on top treading on symbols of death.
  • This church is among only 10 cathedrals in Denmark.
  • The baptismal font given to the church by Maren Grotum on 3rd August, 1728 is fashioned from black and white marble.

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Adelgade / Gammel Torv
Nordjyllands Amt

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