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Exeter Cathedral

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Exeter Cathedral
the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in Exeter


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  • The history of the cathedral dates back to the year 1050.
  • In May 1942, part of the cathedral was destroyed during the Blitz.
  • This is the only cathedral in England with a tower over each transcept and only one other church has a similar design, that of Ottery St Mary, also in Devon.
  • Most of the present building was constructed between c. 1270 and 1360.
  • The cathedral sits on the site of a Roman army camp and there is archaeological evidence of Christian worship having taken place on the site as far back as the 5th century.
  • The Nave houses the longest stretch of uninterrupted 13th century Gothic vaulting in the world at around 91m (300ft) as unusually there is no central crossing tower.
  • The cathedral's library houses the Exon Domesday book of 1086 and the Exeter Book, a priceless anthology of 10th century Anglo-Saxon verse.
  • The two large transcept towers are remnants from the original Norman cathedral.
  • The cathedral exhibits many architectural styles throughout its construction period ranging from Norman to Early English, Early Decored, Late Decorated and Perpendicular.
  • In the quire is the bishop's throne made of oak and dating from 1316, which is 18.29m (60ft) tall.

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