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Proposed MLB Baseball Stadium

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Proposed MLB Baseball Stadium
Future Royals Stadium

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  • Kansas City, Mo., Mayor Kay Barnes says she concurs with the Legislature's action, effectively killing the project.
  • David Glass, Walmart board chairman and principle owner of the Kansas City Royals, does not want a new stadium, but Downtown civic leaders are attempting to force the issue.
  • Jackson County, Missouri voters passed a three-eighths cent sales tax 04-04-06 by a 52-to-48% margin, to renovate the Truman Sports Complex, thus killing this proposal for good.
  • Kansas City, MO, Mayor Kay Barnes has come out against this proposal and restated her support for a much less costly $40-million dollar renovation of the 32-year-old Kaufman Stadium.
  • The proposed site is approximately six blocks north of the Power and Light Entertainment District, now well underway. It is located just off I-70 at the Main Street Exit. Both projects would be along Main Street.
  • The Downtown Development Council is proposing this $357-million, 40,000 seat facility to replace The Royals' present Kaufman Stadium in the Truman Sports Complex.
  • The Legislature and the Mayor have pledged to move forward in developing a bond package for the renovation of Kauffman Stadium, to be presented to voters in the Spring of 2006.
  • The Jackson County Legislature (Commissioners) has voted (11/21/05) not to participate in any "summit meetings" to push a plan for a new Downtown baseball stadium.

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SW corner, 7th and Main Streets
Kansas City

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Barrett Sports Group, LLC

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