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Kaiserdom zu Speyer

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Kaiserdom zu Speyer
Speyer Cathedral


Struktur allgemein

existent [fertiggestellt]
Kahle Struktur


Kirche (Römisch Katholisch)


  • In 1980, the cathedral was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • This Dom has four spire towers: two equal towers at the east side and two equal towers at the west side.
  • The exterior width of the nave is 37.62 m.
  • This Dom has a crypt which is 35 m wide (east-west), 46 m long (north-south) and varies in height between 6.2 m and 6.5 m.
  • Several extensions and renovations took place under Heinrich IV.
  • The highest point of the Dom (71.2 m), are the eastern spires, while the western spires reach a height of 65.6 m.
  • The Dom is a Latin cross in plan.
  • This Dom is one of the largest and most important Romanesque buildings in Germany.
  • Construction started during the reign of Salic Emperor Konrad II.
  • The Dom is the first structure built with a gallery which goes round the whole building.
  • The first period of construction saw the erection of the crypt, choir, the lower part of the transept and the two eastern towers. Around the year 1035 the upper part of the sanctuary and transept were finished.
  • From 1035 to 1040 the nave's pillars were erected and the side aisles' walls and vaults above the altar were constructed.
  • The central nave was extended to its current length during the reign of Henry III following the death of Konrad II.
  • Recent research has revealed that even during the reign of Konrad II, the church architects wanted to construct stone vaults with a span of 14 m; at the time this was unfeasible so the problem was resolved with the use of wood as a substitute.
  • Due to the church's proximity to the river Rhine, problems of instability had already begun shortly after inauguration in 1061; this forced Emperor Henry IV to start renovation works.
  • The second period of construction saw the complete reconstruction of the choir and transept. This phase also saw the successful vaulting of the central nave with stone.

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Technische Daten

233,60 ft
233,60 ft
439,63 ft

Besondere Eigenschaften

  • Eines der bekannten Bauwerke dieser Stadt
  • UNESCO-Denkmal
  • Offizielle Bezeichnung als Kathedrale
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