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Bolivar Point Light


Bolivar Point Light


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  • The Bolivar Point Light survived the September 8, 1900 Great Hurricane that destroyed the city of Galveston and killed over 6,000 people during the storm with 7 feet of storm surge and Category 3 winds of 120+ miles per hour.
  • During the hurricane of 1900 up to 100 people used this lighthouse as a refuge. As the 7-foot floodwaters rose, the people were trapped inside but they all survived. Up to a dozen people who couldn't get inside in time drowned outside in the storm.
  • This lighthouse replaced the earlier Old Bolivar Point Light which was dismantled in 1862.
  • From 1872 to 1933 the lighthouse provided safe passage to vessels between the eastern end of Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula into Galveston Bay.
  • The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1933. It is not open to the public. It's now in private hands.
  • On July 15, 1870 Congress appoved $40,000 in funds to build the third and current lighthouse on this site. The structure was shipped to the site from New York City from Bailey and Debevoise.
  • Located at Bolivar Point on Bolivar Peninsula near Highway 87, the lighthouse can be seen from the Galveston-Bolivar ferry.
  • The Bolivar Point Light was modelled after Pass a l’Outre in Louisiana.
  • The light was first lit on November 19, 1872.
  • In 1915 another hurricane hit the Galveston area and the lighthouse was again a refuge to about 60 people who all survived. This time though, the lighthouse keeper's house was destroyed.

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