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Peterborough Cathedral

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Peterborough Cathedral
The Cathedral Church of SS Peter, Paul and Andrew


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  • The cathedral is built from the local Barnack Ragstone.
  • Peterborough cathedral is notable for its three triple arches at its west front which are 81 feet in height.
  • Small portions of the Saxon church's foundations remain underneath the south transept. The Hedda stone (an 8th century saxon carving from the original church) also remains.
  • The cathedral is Early Norman, Early English and English Perpendicular in architectural style.
  • An abbey was originally established on this site around 655 AD which was destroyed by Vikings in 870 AD; a second abbey was built in the mid-10th century. This was damaged in 1069 and destroyed by fire in 1116.
  • The wooden ceiling in the nave dates from between 1230 to 1250 and is not only the only one of its type in Britain, but one of only four in Europe dating from this period.
  • New additions were made to the cathedral in the early 16th century.
  • The Central tower was rebuilt in both the 14th century and again in the 1880s.
  • Katharine of Aragon, the first of Henry VIII's six wives is buried in the North Aisle and Mary Queen of Scots was buried on the opposite side of the altar before being re-interred in Westminster Abbey.
  • The cathedral's stained glass, mediaeval choir and High Altar were destroyed by Oliver Cromwell's troops in 1643 during the English Civil War.
  • The choir stalls and High Altar along with intricate mable flooring were installed in the 1890s.

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