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Grand Canyon Skywalk


Grand Canyon Skywalk
The Glass Bridge at Grand Canyon


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  • Designed to hold 324,000 lbs. and carry 164,500 lbs. of working load from center to center, withstand an 8.0 magnitude earthquake 50 miles away, and withstand winds in excess of 100 mph.
  • The beams are anchored to eight 32 in.-square steel columns tied to 2.5 in.-diameter, 46 ft.-long rebar embedded into solid limestone. Ninety-four pieces of rebar were used in the foundation's four footings, which extend 46 ft. down into 16,000-psi rated rock.
  • A 5-ft. high, .82 in. thick laminated glass wall railing skirts the structure giving it a transparent appearance.
  • The 10.2 ft. wide, 2.2 in. thick glass deck is supported by outer and inner steel-plate, welded-box beams that are 2 in. thick, 32 in. wide and 72 in. deep.
  • The semi-circular, 80-yard walk extends 65 feet from the cliff's edge and holds 120 people at a time.
  • The Skywalk's foundation is anchored underneath the three-level, 25,000 sq. ft. Visitor's Center which features a museum, movie theater, VIP lounge, gift shop, three restaurants and bars, outdoor patio, rooftop seating, and several meeting rooms.
  • During 2008, the Skywalk is expected to attract 500,000 visitors annually to Grand Canyon West, an increase of 250% over 2006 admissions.
  • The crescent-shaped walk features a service trolley underneath for cleaning and maintenance.
  • On Tuesday March 20 2007, the deck was christened by a delegation of Hualapai Indian leaders along with former astronauts Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and John Herrington.
  • The cantilevered, U-shaped structure is the first of its kind in the world, giving the visitors a unique floating sensation over the canyon floor, providing a 720-degree view - 360 degrees around and 360 degrees up and down.
  • Suspended 3,800 feet over the Colorado River.
  • Built with more than a million pounds of steel beams and includes dampeners that minimize the structure's vibration.
  • The plexiglas bottom and sides are four inches thick.
  • Brainchild of businessman David Jin, who conceived of the concept in 1996 while on a tour of the Grand Canyon with his family.
  • While the privately financed structure cost $8 million, the overall undertaking, which includes a Western ranch and village, cost over $30 million.

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