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Mansfield Dam


Mansfield Dam
Marshall Ford Dam


Struktur allgemein

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Kraftwerk (Hydroelektr.)


  • The structure is a concrete gravity embankment dam.
  • Mansfield Dam holds back 369 billion gallons of water and creates Lake Travis which is the largest of the Highland Lakes on the Colorado River in Central Texas.
  • The two-lane road deck is at a height of 274 feet and was closed in the early 1990s. Traversal was transferred to the North Ranch Road 620 Bridge.
  • The dam is 266 feet tall and is 274 feet to the top of the protective barrier for the road deck. The spillway is at 239 feet high; the dam is 213 feet thick at its base and 30 feet thick at the top.
  • During construction Asa Leonard Grumbles, who was a "puddler" at the construction site (a worker who uses a rod to burst air bubbles), was killed when one of the giant concrete buckets poured eight yards of concrete on him.
  • The dam has 24 flood gates.
  • In 1938, the Bureau of Reclamation did not include funds for the project. Representative (and future United States president) Lyndon Baines Johnson lobbied for federal funding, which was issued in August 1939.
  • Originally called the Marshall Ford Dam after a river canyon at that location, the name was changed in 1941 prior to completion in honor of United States Representative J.J. Mansfield.
  • 1,864,000 cubic yards of concrete were used in the construction.

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Just north of North Ranch Road 620, crossing the Colorado River at Lake Travis
Marshall Ford

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274,00 ft
7.098,09 ft

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