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Leominster Priory

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Leominster Priory
Priory of St. Peter and St. Paul


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  • The site of the priory has been hallowed ground since around 660AD.
  • The earliest parts of the building date from around the early 12th century - an altar in the east bay of the nave was consecrated in 1130.
  • In March 2000, the memorial service to local philanthropist The Hon. Diana Uhlman of Croft Castle was held in the priory.
  • The church's pinnacles, battlements and parapet are Victorian.
  • Cited in Simon Jenkins' 'England's Thousand Best Churches'.
  • The priory is home to the last 'ducking stool' to be used in England, a device used to immerse annoying women in water.
  • Much of the interior was lost to a fire in 1699.
  • The church is built on the site of a 9th century nunnery which was dissolved in 1046.
  • The church is a local landmark; the tower can be seen from a great distance on the approach to Leominster. The priory is situated in an oasis of verdant calm.
  • The south elevation is Decorated in style; the south nave dates from the 13th century whilst the current south aisle dates from the 14th century.

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