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T&G Building

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T&G Building


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  • The building's clock features the local landmark of the 'Father and Son' clock which features a pair of figures emerging from the building every hour.
  • The clock and the clock lighting are automatically controlled to split second accuracy, and interlocked so that the clock can operate day and night, month after month, without human intervention.
  • Technically, the installation consists of a master clock which controls the four-dial tower clock, other clocks throughout the building, the hour striking, and the movement of the figures.
  • The figures are of a farmer and his son in typical period farm work clothing, and are a symbol of activity in a rural community.
  • Each device is electronically driven and the whole installation is mechanically and electrically interlocked.
  • A room at the roof level in the tower contains the master clock, a stand-by battery, and the figures and automatic gear which operates them.
  • The figures symbolise the father handing over responsibility to his son, and urging him to continue with the good work, a message to the people of Geelong of confidence in the development and prosperity of their rural city.
  • By the mid 1990s the building had fallen into disrepair, and the clock no longer worked. However a public campaign led to the restoration of the building and the clock's repair.
  • The figures, together with the bell and base, weigh five tons.
  • While the son is mainly ornamental, the figure of the older man is fitted with all the moving parts for the striking of the bell.

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Corner Ryrie Street and Moorabool Street

Technische Daten

47,95 ft

Beteiligte Firmen

A & K Henderson

Besondere Eigenschaften

  • Eines der bekannten Bauwerke dieser Stadt
  • Städtischer Denkmalschutz
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