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Über Dalian

2.980.513 in der Stadt
0 in der Region
13.238 km² (5.111 mi²)
33 m
Dalian is a city in northeastern China and the municipality of the province of Liaoning. The city lies 640 kilometers southeast of Beijing, and has a population of almost 3 million people (with another 1,8 million in the surrounding area). It's one of China's richest (and cleanest by the way) cities, mainly because of being China's leading petroleum port. It has the third largest port of the country and is the largest export harbor of China. The city is situated on the Liaodong peninsula and faces the sea on three sides. Dalian has a few bush covered hills, many beautiful parks and quite a few beaches. Because of those parks and beaches the city is a famous Summer holiday resort as well. Like a few other Chinese cities, Dalian has been designated a Special Economic Zone, one of China's 'open door' cities with regulations designed to attract overseas investment. The city is also known for soccer. Dalian's team, Wanda, has been one of China's top teams in the football league for the last few years.

Städte in der Metropolregion

Dalian, Jinzhou, Pulandian, Wafangdian, Zhuanghe

Anzahl der Gebäude

No. Current status
310 Alle Gebäude
im Bau

Die höchsten Gebäude

# Gebäude Höhe Jahr
1 Eton Place Dalian 1 1.274 ft 2015
2 Dalian International Trade Center 1.214 ft 2019
3 Eton Place Dalian Tower 2 915 ft 2015
4 Hengli Towers 1 876 ft 2018
5 Hengli Towers 2 876 ft 2018


No. Type
176 Hochhaus
120 Wolkenkratzer
9 Flachbau
3 Stadion
1 Fernsehturm
1 Halle