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Über Canberra

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Canberra is situated 320km south/west of Sydney. It was born after the Commonwealth of Australia was created in 1901. Melbourne and Sydney, even then jockeying for pre-eminence, each put in their bid to become the federal capital. In the end, Australian leaders decided to follow the example of their U.S. counterparts by creating a federal district; in 1908 they chose an undeveloped area between the two cities and Canberra was on the drawing board. Designing the new capital fell to Chicago landscape architect Walter Burley Griffin, a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright. The city he mapped out was christened Canberra (a local Aboriginal word meaning "meeting place"), and by 1927, the first meeting of parliament took place. The business of government was underway. The Australian capital, is a relaxed modern city famous for its national monuments, museums and art galleries, as well as parklands and open spaces. A pleasant place to walk and cycle around, Canberra also offers fabulous restaurants and nearby wineries. Popular activities include boating around Lake Burley Griffin, golf and ballooning. Surrounding Canberra is the giant Namadgi National Park, known for its great hiking trails and kangaroos and a favourite weekend getaway for the city's inhabitants. To say that the city was neat and orderly is an understatement. Each street, tree position, water way, buildings etc were nearly all pre-planned and it’s a city designers dream. Everything is orderly and well maintained, making it appear like a tidy garden or well designed park within a city or visa versa. The streets aren't clogged with traffic, and there are plenty of opportunities for safe biking, all in all, it’s a very pleasant place to visit indeed and the superb hotels will accommodate you in a style that is both internationally acceptable and comfortable. Autumn (March to May) in Canberra is quite simply gorgeous. The days are sunny and crisp, the trees are changing and everything looks lovely. Winter (June to August) is cold; really, really cold. Dominating the city of Canberra is the 195m Telstra Tower set atop Black Mountain. The sity is full of monumental attractions such as the Australian War Memorial, National Museum, National Gallery,Old and New Parliament House,Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre, Australian National Botanic Gardens, National Library of Australia, National Carillon and Captain Cook Memorial Jet

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Canberra, North Canberra

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1 Lovett Tower 305 ft 1973
2 Wayfarer Apartments 289 ft 2016
3 Parliament House 266 ft 1988
4 Infinity Tower 1 230 ft 2018
5 Dusk 223 ft 2020

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