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73.807 in der Stadt
102 km² (39 mi²)
39 m
Hasselt is the capitol of the province of Limburg. It is the third tallest trade centre of Flanders (Vlaanderen). The history books first mention Hasselt in the year 1165. Some 60 years later, the place became a city (by receiving 'city rights' in the year 1232). In the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies of the last century, the city flourished through the mining industry. Nowadays, it's trade and tourist industry (some 200.000 people visit the city each year), which sets the city apart from the rest. This is helped by the city's central location (70 km's from Brussels, 25 kilometers from Holland, 50 kilometres from Germany). Hasselt's main features are a Genever (liquor) museum, a fashion museum and an authentic Japanese Garden.

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