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Über Liverpool

465.700 in der Stadt
1.362.034 in der Region
111 km² (43 mi²)
29 m
European Capital of Culture 2008, Liverpool is a unique port city in North West England with a rich history and a promising future. Liverpool is a city of migration and movement. The modern history of Liverpool begins with the building of the world's first dock in 1715. From this time onwards Liverpool's involvement with the slave trade grew dramatically; from 1760 onwards Liverpool became the dominant slave trade port. Maritime trade with America made Liverpool one of the world's wealthiest cities - indeed, at one point it was the second most important city in the British Empire behind London, with close to 1 million inhabitants. The city's architecture still reflects this period of wealth; there are many splendid buildings throughout the city, but especially on the famous waterfront with its Three Graces. Liverpool is also a city of invention; the world's first passenger railway ran from here to Manchester in 1830, Diabetes was discovered here in 1776, the first ever trans-Atlantic telegram was carried out here in 1886, the world's first lifeboat service was created here in 1776 and the city is home top Europe's oldest Chinatown. The landmark Liver Building, as well as being one of the first buildings to use re-inforced concrete, also features the world's largest clock faces at 25ft in diameter. The modern-day skyline is still dominated by Liverpool's historic landmarks; the Royal Liver Building, the two Cathedrals and the Port of Liverpool Building. It seems unlikely that many skyscrapers will be allowed to damage what is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Anzahl der Gebäude

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269 Alle Gebäude
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Die höchsten Gebäude

# Gebäude Höhe Jahr
1 West Tower 459 ft 2007
2 Moda, The Lexington 367 ft 2021
3 Royal Liver Building 322 ft 1911
4 Beetham Tower 295 ft 2004
5 Alexandra Tower 290 ft 2008

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