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1.704.441 in der Stadt
1.036 km² (400 mi²)
200 m
Bursa, ancient Prusa, is a city in northwestern Turkey which lies on the outskirts of Mt. Uludag, the ancient Mysian Olympus. Established by a Bithynian king in the 3rd Century BC, the city prospered during Byzantine times after the emperor Justinian The Great built a palace here. Bursa was taken by the Seljuk Turks at the end of the 11th Century, but, beginning with the First Crusade in 1096, it changed hands several times. After the Sack of Constantinople (Istanbul) by the Latin Crusaders in 1204, it served as a center for Byzantine resistance. The Ottomans took it in the 1320s and made it their first great capital; but Timur (Tamerlane) sacked the city in 1402, and, when the Ottomans recovered their territory, they relocated their capital, first to Edirne (Adrianople) in 1413, and later to Istanbul (Constantinople) in 1453. Bursa, nevertheless, expanded and prospered under Ottoman rule as a large and wealthy cosmopolitan city with a mixed population of Turks, Jews, Greeks and Balkan nations such as Bosnians, Serbs and Bulgarians. Most Turkish citizens of Balkan descent today live in Bursa and the areas around this city. Bursa's silk industry has a long heritage; the city was a center of silk trade in the 15th Century and by the 17th Century was famous in Europe and Asia for its silk textiles, which are still produced. Other industries include cotton and woolen textiles, canned foods, dairy products, and cars. Actually, due to its numerous car factories and massive automotive industry, the city is often nicknamed by the media as "Turkish Detroit". In the early 2000s Turkish car factories reached a total combined capacity of producing more than 1,000,000 automobiles per year, and the factories in Bursa cover more than half of this capacity. Bursa is also a popular winter sports center for its skiing resorts at Mt. Uludag, which is less than three hours of driving distance away from Istanbul.

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116 Alle Gebäude

Die höchsten Gebäude

# Gebäude Höhe Jahr
1 BUTTIM Plaza 361 ft 1996
2 Baytur Yesilsehir Type B - 9 230 ft 2009
3 Baytur Yesilsehir Type B - 8 230 ft 2009
4 Baytur Yesilsehir Type B - 7 230 ft 2009
5 Baytur Yesilsehir Type B - 10 230 ft 2010


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