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Über Phoenix

1.615.017 in der Stadt
4.179.427 in der Region
1.338 km² (517 mi²)
340.465740063 m
Phoenix is the state capital and largest city of Arizona. Metropolitan Phoenix lies in the Salt River Valley in central Arizona, also known as the 'Valley of the Sun.' The area was occupied as early as 1300 AD by prehistoric Indians, now known as the Hohokam culture. Named after the legendary phoenix which had been consumed by fire but rose from its own ashes, this Sonoran Desert city would be incorporated in 1881 and flourish from the ancient Indian ruins. The city's museums include the Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona Science Center, Phoenix Museum of History, Heritage Square, the Hall of Flame, and the Heard Museum. Phoenix contains over 200 parks and mountain preserves. Papago Park, which contains the Desert Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Zoo, lies within the city to the east. South Mountain Park lies south of downtown and is the world's largest city park. Phoenix's sprawl is not conducive to high-rise buildings, but this is changing as more businesses desire a central location. Phoenix is now the fifth largest city in the U.S. People embrace the sunbelt cities and there is no sunnier place than here.

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# Gebäude Höhe Jahr
1 Chase Tower 483 ft 1972
2 US Bank Center 407 ft 1976
3 Century Link 397 ft 1989
4 Alliance Bank Tower 385 ft 2010
5 One Central Park East 383 ft 2009

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