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Über Sacramento

475.516 in der Stadt
2.436.109 in der Region
249 km² (96 mi²)
9.14411119239 m
The capital of the great state of California lies 75 miles northeast of San Francisco at the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers. A wholesale and retail center for the surrounding rich farmland, the city includes among its main commercial enterprises food processing and canning and the largest almond-shelling plant in the world. Today's Sacramento, appreciated for its subtle, quiet charms, embraces over 120 parks; hiking and biking trails along the American River Parkway; a large collection of art galleries; two symphony orchestras; ballet, theater and opera companies; and a number of jazz clubs and coffeehouses. Major league sports has a home here with the NBA's Sacramento Kings.

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# Gebäude Höhe Jahr
1 Wells Fargo Center 423 ft 1992
2 Five Hundred Capitol Mall 419 ft 2009
3 US Bank Tower 402 ft 2008
4 Park Tower 380 ft 1991
5 Renaissance Tower 372 ft 1989

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