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Über Spokane

213.272 in der Stadt
568.374 in der Region
149 km² (58 mi²)
609.912216533 m
Spokane is known as the capital of the Inland Empire, a vast area stretching from the Cascade Mountains in the west to the Rockies to the east. It was named Spokane House in 1810 when there was little besides a trading post. The town was not settled until 1872. Incorporated as Spokane Falls in 1881, it burned down in 1889 and was rebuilt as the City of Spokane in 1891. Today Spokane is a modern and vibrant city and seems bigger than it actually is. Well known for its friendly people and the Lilac Festival, Spokane came of age when it hosted the World's Fair in 1974. After Expo 74 much of the riverfront was converted to the 100-acre Riverfront Park which is right in the heart of downtown with great views of the tumbling Spokane Falls, the highlight of a deep river canyon.