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20.115 in der Stadt
318.537 in der Region
28 km² (11 mi²)
0.914411119239 m
Located in southwestern Florida along the Gulf Coast, Naples is one of Florida's premier retirement and resort communities. Many high-rise condo and hotel towers line the beautiful white sandy beaches of this coastal city. Naples was a desolate area until 1887 when a small group of pioneering entrepreneurs formed the Naples Company and built the Naples Hotel and a 600 foot pier. The establishment quickly became a popular resort destination and is credited for sparking Naples’ first real estate boom. Naples is indeed named after Naples, Italy as the Naples Company advertised the area as “The Italy of America.” Ever since, Naples has had a European, specifically Italian motif which is evident in its postmodern Mediterranean and Italian estate styles of architecture as well as the naming of many of its luxury residential high-rises, such as The Trieste, The Salerno, The Coronado, and The Brittany Condominiums. The combination of the city’s high-end shopping and entertainment districts and its numerous wildlife preserves make Naples a popular retirement community.

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Die höchsten Gebäude

# Gebäude Höhe Jahr
1 The Enclave 304 ft 1991
2 Le Rivage Condominiums 275 ft 1996
3 Le Parc Condominiums 262 ft 1990
4 Lesina Tower 241 ft 2007
5 The Aria 231 ft 2006

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