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Über Greensboro

277.080 in der Stadt
1.581.122 in der Region
282 km² (109 mi²)
234.698853938 m
Greensboro is a center of commerce, industry, and education, located in the Piedmont in the north central part of the state. With Winston-Salem and High Point, it forms the Piedmont Triad, a metropolitan area of over 1,000,000. Chief products include insurance and textiles. Greensboro was founded by the state legislature in 1808 as the seat of Guilford County. They named it for General Nathanael Greene, who commanded troops at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in 1781 during the Revolutionary War. Greensboro was the birthplace of Dolley Madison, the author O. Henry, and newscaster Edward R. Murrow. It is also noted for its role in the Civil Rights Movement as the site of challenges to segregation at public lunch counters.

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