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Über Césis

18.477 in der Stadt
19 km² (7 mi²)
104 m
Cesis is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia. Although settlement exists here before, the city is first mentioned in 1206. The castle is built by crusaders in 1207 - 1209. In 1236 the town becomes an unofficial capital of Livonia until 1561. In 1323 Cesis receive official town rights, somewhat later it becomes member of Hanseatic league. In 16th - 18th centuries Cesis is nearly completely destroyed in successive wars and fires. Since 1703 Cesis castle stands in ruins. Slow development of town starts at the end of 18th century, railway is built in 1889. Today Cesis still is silent, green town on the coasts of deep Gauja river valley. Its historical centre has fine medieval feel, although in the centre have been built numerous fine Ecclecticism and Art Nouveau buildings too.

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