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Über Kuching

617.887 in der Stadt
431 km² (166 mi²)
9 m
Kuching is the capital of Malaysia's largest state of Sarawak. The population is made up of mainly Chinese and Malay and is home to people from virtually all of Sarawak's 26+ ethnic groups. The riverfront, a major restoration and land reclamation project, has become a meeting place for locals and visitors alike. Kuching's city centre is very compact and has well-preserved temples and colourful old Chinese shophouses as well as modern towers like Gateway Kuching & Somerset Apartments and the striking Menara Pelita on the city's north side.

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38 Alle Gebäude
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29 Hochhaus
6 Flachbau
2 Wolkenkratzer
1 Aussichtsturm

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