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Über Roanoke

97.469 in der Stadt
300.399 in der Region
111 km² (43 mi²)
358.144355035 m
Roanoke is the metropolis of western Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley. It lies on the Roanoke River in a valley between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, about 160 miles (258 km) west of Richmond. Originally a pioneer community known as Big Lick, the city began to grow when a junction was made between the Norfolk and Western and the Shenandoah Railroads in 1882. The name was changed to Roanoke at this time, derived from a Native American word meaning "money." Railroad shops and foundries attracted more and more people. While the city's economy now rests on a broad industrial base, it remains a transportation hub. Among the city's attractions are the Blue Ridge Parkway and Mill Mountain, featuring Mill Mountain Star and panoramic views of the Roanoke Valley. Roanoke maintains active sister city relationships with Florianópolis, Brazil; Kisumu, Kenya; Lijiang, China; Pskov, Russia; Saint-Lô, France; Wonju, South Korea; and Opole, Poland.

Anzahl der Gebäude

No. Current status
615 Alle Gebäude

Die höchsten Gebäude

# Gebäude Höhe Jahr
1 Wells Fargo Tower 320 ft 1991
2 Poff Federal Building 220 ft 1976
3 Roanoke Higher Education Center 138 ft 1931
4 The Patrick Henry 131 ft 1925
5 Appalachian Electric Power Building 85 ft 1947

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