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Über Anápolis

325.544 in der Stadt
918 km² (354 mi²)
1017 m
Anapolis Goias, is located only two and a half hours away from the Brazilian Capital Brasilia. It is home to the Brazilian air defense base, which protects the Capital City. Anapolis boasts of many colleges, a stadium, and a large city gym which in the shape of an flying saucer. Downtown Anapolis has several skyscrapers, such as the Banco de Brasil and Caixa Economica, and many others. This city, though it has only one large mall, has very good shopping options. Located in the downtown core ore several smaller shopping centers. Anapolis has recently been putting in many natural park settings with waterfalls and caves made out of fake rocks. The City has one water park, a formula 1 racing track, and a amusement park, and in 2001 they made a large addition to the city metro bus system. This city is the second largest city in the state of Goias.

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1 Antônio Cardoso - -
2 Residencial Acácias - 2009
3 Rio Negro - -
4 Residencial Algarve - -
5 Porto Nobre - 2000


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5 Mast (Gerüst)

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