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Tweed Heads

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51.788 in der Stadt
418.438 in der Region
0 km² (0 mi²)
Tweed Heads is the most northern coastal town of the state of New South Wales. The town sits at the border and melds into the Queensland town of Coolangatta, with both known as The Twin Towns. The area is a hotbed of activity, with tourism, shopping, surfing and some of the fastest residential growth in the state. With a temperate climate and relaxed lifestyle, Tweed Heads has grown considerably over the past few decades, with the large licensed clubs the dominant features. However, the high-rise development which marks the Gold Coast further north, is largely absent from Tweed Heads and the residential areas have tended to spread out across newer regions rather than skywards. The population has grown at the rate of 4% per year, with many retirees and families attracted by this lifestyle and the beautiful white sandy beaches.

Städte in der Metropolregion

Broadwater, Goldene Küste, Tweed Heads

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1 Pinehurst 262 ft 1985
2 Twin Towns Clubs and Resort 197 ft 2005
3 Seascape - -
4 Twin Towns Resort - -


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