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Über Erandio

22.977 in der Stadt
937.779 in der Region
17 km² (7 mi²)
Erandio is the only right side town that escapes from the classism. It’s the only worker town of the right side. Separated in two parts Erandio Bekoa and Erandio Goikoa, which in Basque mean Lower and Upper respectively. Even though it was always an independent town, in 1940 it was anexionated by Bilbao, becaming a town again in 1980 after the Franco dictatorship had ended. The main activity of the town even today is industrial, however, more and more the third sector is tried to be promoted and public money provided to create small size business for young people. The town has many neighbourhoods, including Astrabudua, where the only skyscrapers in the town can be found.

Anzahl der Gebäude

No. Current status
11 Alle Gebäude


No. Type
7 Hochhaus
4 Flachbau