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Maple Heights

Über Maple Heights

23.667 in der Stadt
2.891.988 in der Region
13 km² (5 mi²)
274.018532065 m
An East Side suburb, located 10 miles southeast of downtown Cleveland in South Cuyahoga County. The Maple Grove area in the northwest section of the original Bedford Township, to prohibit annexation by Bedford Village, incorporated as the Village of Maple Heights in 1915. Following World War II, heavy industrial growth occurred in the city. Rapid residential increases were likewise experienced as the city's population doubled between 1940 and 1950, doubling again by 1960. A substantial number of the new residents were Slovenes moving out of Cleveland. Maple Heights, together with a few other suburban communities in the Cleveland Metropolitan area, comprised the largest Slovene population outside of Slovenia for most of the 20th century.