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166.327 in der Stadt
448.660 in der Region
114 km² (44 mi²)
Ponce, also known as the "Pearl of the South" or the "Capital City of the South," was founded in 1692. The city name honors the first governor of Puerto Rico, Juan Ponce de León. In 1877 (while Puerto Rico stayed a Spanish colony) Ponce received the status of city by the king of Spain. In the beginning of the twentieth century Ponce flourished to become the most populated city in Puerto Rico, facilitated by the introduction of the sugar cane centrals as the primary economic industry activity of the Island. Decades later San Juan became the largest city with the incorporation of Río Piedras in 1951 and with the industrialization process proposed by the government that started in the 1940s which caused many people to emigrate to the capital city seeking jobs in fabric manufacturing.

Städte in der Metropolregion

Coamo, Guánica, Juana Díaz, Ponce

Anzahl der Gebäude

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35 Alle Gebäude


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20 Flachbau
13 Hochhaus
1 Kirche
1 Aussichtsturm

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