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4.645 in der Stadt
498 km² (192 mi²)
The City of Rivière-Rouge is located at 170 kilometers from Montréal 50 kilometers at the north of Mont-Tremblant in the Laurentides. The new city (2002) has been created by the merger of four municipalities; L'Annonciation, Marchand, La Macaza and Sainte-Véronique. The merge of these four municipalities revitalized the area by reinforcing the bonds between the citizens and giving more capacity for the regional development, which is in great progression since then. The tourist assets of the area will make of it a head of file in this field during next years. The development of the Réservoir Kiamika area to make of it an international place of interest of ecotourism is a good example of the progress made by the union of the forces of all the citizens of the area.

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