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180.000 in der Stadt
0 in der Region
407 km² (157 mi²)
The City of Penrith is located approximately 55 kilometres west of Sydney 's CBD and is on the western outskirts of the Sydney metropolitan area. The city is fortunate to be situated on the Nepean River and at the foothills of the famous Blue Mountains, a factor which has brought may tourists and settlers to the region for may years. The city's attractive setting is a vital part of its character and one that distinguishes it >from the rest of metropolitan Sydney.Penrith has developed into an important regional shopping centre in western Sydney. The city is made up of 33 surrounding suburbs. The Penrith Lakes Development Scheme provided the opportunity to develop the International Regatta Centre for rowing and canoe sprint competition, as well as the Penrith Whitewater Stadium, both of which combined to create the finest Olympic water sports facility in the world. Both venues proved an outstanding success during the Sydney 2000 Olympics and remain a popular spot for public recreation and adventure seekers looking for a challenge.

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