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Circus Circus Las Vegas


Circus Circus Las Vegas
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  • Casino opened in 1968.
  • The casino features world's largest circus, situated in the middle of the extensive Midway area, giving free performances several times a day; the circus is located right under the signature Big Top "tent."
  • The hotel includes a tram that goes from the Casino area to the Skyrise tower.
  • Fifth largest hotel in the world, surpassed by The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino at fourth place.
  • The complex features Adventuredome, the world's largest indoor theme park, with the world's only double loop indoor roller coaster.
  • The complex includes five Manor buildings, low-rise hotel blocks with lower rates and lower-quality accommodations.
  • The complex includes a trailer park where tourists with trailers are allowed to rent a spot.
  • The famous clown sign on The Strip is 123 feet, or 37.5 meters, high.
  • Like many other Vegas hotel, Circus Circus includes a wedding chapel, located near Circus Circus Casino Tower.


Las Vegas

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# Gebäude Höhe Etagen Gebäudetyp Jahr Status
1 undefined-full-elevation Circus Circus - West Tower ≈412 ft 35 Hochhaus 1996
2 exterior-southeast-corner-from-las-vegas-boulevard-south Circus Circus - Skyrise Tower ≈342 ft 29 Hochhaus 1986
3 lookingdown-looking-down-from-west-tower-with-the-big-top-tent-in-the-back Circus Circus Casino Tower ≈177 ft 15 Hochhaus 1972
4 fromfaraway-view-from-the-southeast Circus Circus Parking Garage 8 Freilichtgebäude -
5 Circus Circus Parking Garage 2 6 Freilichtgebäude -
6 fromfaraway-view-from-the-east Circus Circus Manor Building D ≈35 ft 3 Flachbau 1980
7 fromfaraway-view-from-the-east Circus Circus Manor Building E ≈35 ft 3 Flachbau 1980
8 Circus Circus Manor Building A ≈35 ft 3 Flachbau 1980
9 exterior-view-from-the-east Circus Circus Manor Building B ≈35 ft 3 Flachbau 1980
10 exterior-view-from-the-east Circus Circus Manor Building C ≈35 ft 3 Flachbau 1980
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