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Metro Centre


Metro Centre
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  • This large development was proposed for Toronto's rail lands, and was first announced in December 1968.
  • It was a joint project between Canadian National Railways and CP Rail, who formed a holding company to put forward the proposal.
  • The plan called for a new rail terminal to replace Union Station, a transmission tower, headquarters for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a new performance hall to replace Massey Hall, a 1600 room hotel, a convention centre, and a number of office and residential towers.
  • A revised and more complete proposal was put forward to City Council in June, 1970, for approval in principle.
  • One of the most controversial elements of the proposal was the demolishing of most of Union Station.
  • Many planning reports were written, but by the mid 1970s the development climate had changed and most elements of the proposal were never built.
  • However, the tower was built as the CN Tower, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was built on the rail lands, and early twenty-first century developments are rapidly filling in the former rail lands.
  • Roy Thomson Hall, the successor to Massey Hall, and the CBC Broadcast Centre, were located elsewhere in the city.



Beteiligte Firmen

# Gebäude Höhe Etagen Gebäudetyp Jahr Status
1 Metro Centre Offices 1 ≈438 ft 40 Wolkenkratzer 1970
2 Metro Centre Offices 2 ≈438 ft 40 Wolkenkratzer 1970
3 Metro Centre Offices 3 ≈274 ft 25 Hochhaus 1970
4 Metro Centre Offices 4 ≈274 ft 25 Hochhaus 1970
5 Metro Centre Residences 1 ≈219 ft 20 Hochhaus 1970
6 Metro Centre Residences 2 ≈219 ft 20 Hochhaus 1970
7 Metro Centre Residences 3 ≈219 ft 20 Hochhaus 1970
8 Metro Centre Residences 4 ≈219 ft 20 Hochhaus 1970
9 Metro Centre Residences 5 ≈219 ft 20 Hochhaus 1970
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