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Emporis Buildings Luanda Malanje Huambo Lobito Namibia

Über den Landesteil

1.246.700 km²
(481.354 mi²)
Luanda (4.799.432 Einw.)

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Größte Städte in Angola


Angola is located between Namibia and the Democratic Repuclic of the Congo on Africa's southern Atlantic coast. The south of the country is desert, and much of the rest is either mountains or plateau. After being colonized by Portugal for five centuries, Angola won its independence in 1975 as the result of a 14-year struggle. Since then the country has suffered a long civil war between the government and rebel troops. Many other countries became involved in this conflict, including Cuba and South Africa. The country's economy is based on oil, agriculture, and mining. Its primary products include coffee, sugar, sisal, diamonds, and iron ore.